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Southlake-Locksmith is your number one locksmith company for your car key replacement. There are a number of different reasons you may need a car key replacement. Maybe you misplaced your keys, or they were stolen, or maybe your key has broken in half. No need to worry, because we are here to help. We are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week when you need a new car key. We can make most types of car keys, old or new, for all manufacturers. When you need a new car key in Southlake, TX, and the surrounding areas, call us.

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As a professional service, you can be sure you are receiving the best locksmith service in town. We are a licensed company with highly qualified technicians to make you a new car key. We have the most advanced machines to cut car keys and program them to the car if needed. Your new car key replacement is guaranteed to be as good, if not better than your previous key. Southlake-Locksmith makes getting a replacement car key hassle-free. We will come to your location and have a new key made in minutes. Contact us today for your car key replacement in Southlake.

Making Your New Car Key

we can make a new car key even with no copy of the previous one. If you lost your car keys or have been stolen, no need to worry, Southlake-Locksmith will cut you a new car key right away. Once verification of the owner of the vehicle is established, a locksmith can begin cutting a key from a key blank.

VIN - Vehicle Identification Number.

The way we make the same exact copy of the previous key is by getting the correct key cuts for the vehicle. Key cuts can be obtained through a key code from the car manufacturer. The majority of the time we get the key code by the car’s VIN. This is the most common method to get the correct cuts although, sometimes, it’s possible to find it in other ways. each car has its own VIN which works as the car’s “Identity”. just like we have social security numbers, your car has an identification number. A key code may be purchased from the manufacturer only through a licensed locksmith. Once a technician gets the correct code, they will input it into a high-tech key cutting Machine. With the correct code, the Machine will cut a key blank with the correct cuts for your vehicle.

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Metal Car Key

A metal car key is the most basic car key you can get. It is simply cut from a metal key blank and will work in the ignition right away. These keys are common for older vehicles, but a lot of vehicles you still see use this type of key. These car keys are very basic and therefore, don’t have a high-security system.

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Transponder Car Key

Transponder car keys are the most common car keys to date. They were made in order to increase the anti-theft system in vehicles. These keys work by sending and receiving signals, and because of this, they must be programmed to the vehicle. Inside the plastic head of a transponder key is a chip. This chip sends out the correct signal to the ignition of the car, verifying that it is the correct key. If a transponder key is cut correctly, but not programmed to the car, the ignition will not start. The chip must be read correctly to disarm the anti-theft system. Our technicians have the most advanced equipment to make sure your transponder key is coded correctly for your vehicle.

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FOB Car key

A car FOB key is a remote that allows the car to start without inserting a key in the ignition. Cars with keyless entry and push-to-start, require key fobs. There are two types of fobs, one with proximity and one without. The proximity key fobs allow you to lock or start your vehicle when the fob is within a certain distance of the car. A key fob without proximity is usually inserted in a slot to turn on the vehicle. These are high-tech security systems that many newer cars use. Fobs must be programmed to the car in order for the ignition to read the correct signal to disarm the anti-theft system and start the car.

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When you use us for our car replacement service, you can be sure you are receiving top-quality service. As soon as we receive your call, a dispatcher is locating the closest technician to your location. On average, a technician will be there to help you within 15-30 minutes. We have technicians all around Southlake TX, and the surrounding areas to provide immediate mobile locksmith service.

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